That Girl in the Magazine – CD




Album Notes:
Beth Snapp’s debut album “That Girl In The Magazine” showcases her vocal and songwriting skills to the maximum. Each song is well crafted to give the listener the experience of being inside her head when she wrote it.

The album is full of special guest such as Grammy nominated Blue Highway, Tim Stafford, Shawn Lane, Rob Ickes, Jason Burleson, Wayne Taylor, cellist Dave Eggar, John Gardner, Ron Stewart, Trey Hensley, Jason Lloyd, Jay Farmer, Rick

Track Listing:

  1. Willing to Settle
  2. What I Always Wanted
  3. That Can’t Be Me
  4. Just in Case
  5. Not That Kind
  6. The Hymn Song (feat. Blue Highway)
  7. Double Yellow Line
  8. Is She Lonely
  9. Something Tells Me
  10. I’m Just Fine
  11. Fear of Falling
  12. Birdie Can Sing (feat. Dave Eggar)