Beth Snapp Sophomore Album Kickstarter

FRIENDS! Can you believe it’s been almost two years since my debut album? Can you guess how many have asked “When are you making another one?” The answer is now, with your help of course! This full album will host new songs, new players, special guests, and even more heart at soul than the last project! BUT – Songs, players, guests, heart, and soul all get pretty costly!

Contributions will go straight into studio time, production costs, artist fees, and mixing/mastering. Every dollar will be maximized! Check out the rewards you could get your hands on, including some new gear, and become a backer for what I feel will be a more fluid, comprehensive, balanced, and emotional project than my last. Oh, and it will be good, too.

There are always potentials for hiccups in the recording process that can cause delays. Unfortunately, development a concrete timeline is difficult, especially when you incorporate the best guests and music mates that you can employ! Working around schedules, technical issues, and general life happenstances can occur, which would potentially push completion dates back a smidge. However, this will NOT stop me from creating the best piece of artistry I possibly can. Quality will NOT be sacrificed, but timeliness will not be forgotten!

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